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Personal account guide

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Hey partner!

I’m going to explain how to use the Royal Partners personal account.

After you successfully register, your personal manager will send you an email to confirm your registration in the affiliate programme. Don’t forget to check the “Spam” folder!

After getting acquainted with your personal manager and discussing the cooperation conditions you can access your personal account. On the login page provide your email and password. There is no need to fill in the “authentication code” field, but you can set up this option later.
Welcome to your personal cabinet! It looks like this: On the main page you can change the interface language, view your current balance, a summary of statistics and a graph of visits. You can configure what information will be displayed on the main page. To do this simply head over to settings. Also, you can navigate to any of the subcategories from the main page. Let’s discuss them in more detail.


What’s the most important thing for a webmaster? That’s right. The choice of a “grasping” ad, a converting landing page, and also due and quick postback operation in order to get all the information to your tracker. These parameters can be configured in this tab.

1.1. My campaigns

Here all the campaigns are created. To create a new advertising campaign select CAMPAIGNS > MY CAMPAIGNS in the left menu, and then the green NEW CAMPAIGN button on the right.  After that, select the offer you need, enter the name of the ad campaign and click NEXT. For every casino you will need to create a separate ad campaign (or in case you need to create several campaigns).Our next step is to select the landing page. Choose the page that you think will yield the highest conversion rate and check the corresponding box. Then, click NEXT At this stage you need to select the type of placement: either via link or via the html banner code. If you need a direct link tick the USE DIRECT OPTION LINK box. Note, that by default the most direct link, since that is the one that suits most campaigns.  For the banner you need to specify the type and size. You can do this in the filter on the left. In the same place you can select the title, language, status, format, tag, orientation and specify the size (height and width). To apply the selected settings press on the FINISH button at the bottom of the screen.  Congratulations! Your referral link is complete and ready for placement. The referral link is located a page below the link to the landing page. Here it is: To copy, click the COPY button. You can create any number of links for one campaign. To do this select the necessary campaign in MY CAMPAIGNS tab and click ADD PROMO You can modify an already existing campaign – edit the title and links inside it. To do othis, click the EDIT button in the campaign.

Postback setup

You can configure a postback in MY CAMPAIGNS section. To do this simply click ADD POSTBACK below the selected promo. Here you will have the option of selecting the desired action (after which the postback will be sent). A list of postback actions that you can set up: The following variables can be added to your link: The variables added to the link should be specified according to your tracker. For example, by ticking the AMOUNT box, you will receive info about the first deposit sum. Meanwhile, the following code will be inserted in the Postback URL ?amount=${amount}, where ${amount} – the macro of the programme (no need to change it); ?amount – automatically configured parameter. If your tracker has a parameter, indicating the deposit sum, that is titled the same way, then there is no need to change anything. If it is different, for example, “money” then in the Postback URL you need to replace amount=${amount} with money=${amount}. ATTENTION! For your postback to function correctly, we will send a unique click ID to your tracker. Your tracker will generate it and transmit it to our system. The affiliate programme macro for the click ID fallback: ${ctag}. The click ID fallback parameter can vary depending on the tracker. For example, if you’re using the Keitaro tracker, then most likely the parameter to receive the click ID will be “subid”. Thus, you will need to add &subid=${ctag} to the Postback URL. All parameters need to be separated by the “&” character. Also, at the end of the Postback URL you need to insert the “?” character and then fill in the first parameter. The following value should be added directly to the event for which the postback is configured (using the Keitaro tracker as an example): ?ctag={subid} For example, if the link was , you should use the referral link{subid} for the postback to work correctly. Let’s figure it out using an example. You need to configure postback to transmit information about any deposits made by attracted players to the tracker, and your tracker generated a link – In the Action choice field select FIRST DEPOSIT, and put the link in the postback URL line. In the Available Variables field check the AMOUNT (deposit amount) and CURRENCY (currency) boxes. You must also manually add &subid=${ctag} to the link. In the end the following link should be displayed in the Postback URL:${amount}&currency=${currency}&subid=${ctag}  Click the CONFIRM button at the bottom of the page and your postback is good to go!

1.2. Postbacks log

In this section, you can see statistics on postbacks. To make it easier to find the postback you need, there is a filter on the left. You can filter postbacks by actions, title or campaign ID, as well as advertising ID. In addition, you can export your postbacks (selected or all of them) to CSV. The file will be sent to the email address that you have linked your affiliate account to. The correct operation of postbacks is one of the most critical components of a successful upload. As you can see, we have a lot of settings that will help you get detailed data about players, hypothesize about audiences, and you won’t spend a single dollar in vain!


Everything to do with numbers and money is right here. View payment and bills history, balance transactions, and stats in a convenient format.

2.1. Payment history

If you have a connected wallet, you can view the history of all payments in this section. If your wallet is not connected, then payments are made through a payment system arranged with the personal manager. This means that payments will not be displayed in this section.

2.2. Bill history

Here you can see the accrued bills for the selected commission model. Rewards are accrued automatically on the next day after the end of the reporting period. According to the RevShare payment model, the reporting period is a calendar month and the bills are paid on the first day of the month following the reporting one. Bills for each project are calculated separately.

2.3. Balance transactions

All changes in regards to balance transactions are displayed here.

2.4. Statistics

The most popular page of our every affiliate. Here you can find all the information about the activities of launched campaigns. You can convert any report into the desired currency (RUB by default). To do this, check the CONVERT REPORT box, and select the necessary currency. Then, click APPLY. On the left you will find filters for brands, strategies (RevShare, CPA, Hybrid), campaign IDs, promo codes, player countries, etc.  In this filter, in the COLUMNS subsection, you can remove or add necessary points that will be displayed in the report.  By selecting GROUP BY, you can group data by the period, strategy, brand, campaign, promo and player country.  You can export the report by clicking EXPORT REPORT in the top right corner. The document will be sent to your email in the following formats: CSV, XML, JSON. 

2.5. SUB-affiliates

In this section you can view all the invited sub-affiliates: sub-affiliate titles, degree of sub-affiliation, registration date and commission info about the sub-affiliate.


This tab contains the main information about the affiliate programme, i.e. commissions (active commission plans), contact details, terms and a user guide from the developer for setting up the software of the affiliate programme.


In this section you can edit the general info of your affiliate account.

4.1. Account info

Here you can view and edit the information you provided during registration with the affiliate programme. Also you can enable two-factor authentication. To do this, click ENABLE 2FA in the top right corner and follow the instructions.  Attention! If you enable 2fa, it will be necessary to enter the code into the corresponding field when logging in to your personal account.

4.2. Users

Here you can add another user to your affiliate account. IMPORTANT! An added user will have the same rights to export and data editing as you.

4.3. Documents

If Royal Partners security has any concerns about affiliate payouts, we may ask for proof of identity. This may be necessary to prevent your earnings from being compromised. The requested documents need to be uploaded to the DOCUMENTS section to verify the identity of the affiliate. There is a status for every uploaded document, i.e. on what stage of verification it is. You can delete a document, if you find it necessary to do so.

4.4. Wallet

Here you can add a payment method. Click the ADD button and follow the instructions. In order to withdraw the funds from the balance, click WITHDRAW and follow the instructions. Scheduled payments that are awaiting confirmation from the operator are displayed below. 

4.5. Events

This tab displays the history of actions occurring in the account. If there are several active users in one account, you will be able to see who exactly made particular changes to it. That’s it!

You've seen the most important and useful settings and features of our affiliate program.

Now you can decide on an offer, choose the promotional material you are interested in, configure postbacks and statistics, and start driving traffic! Welcome to the Royal Partners team!
But if you have any questions or if something in this guide seemed unclear - do not hesitate to write. We are always in touch!
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